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Burrowing Owls Being Disked

Burrowing Owl Preservation Society (BOPS) will provide coaching and support to citizens who see ground disturbance of burrowing owl habitat. Call 530-666-0882 for more information.

BOPS has no authority to stop land owners from disking burrows nor can we trap or remove owls. If you see ground grading or disking where you know there are burrowing owls you can call California Department of Fish and Game Cal Tip at  1-888-DFG-CALTIP (888 334-2258 )for a violation in progress. CDFG considers destruction of burrows during breeding season (February to September) a violation of their code.

Northern Enforcement Districts

Burrowing owls are not listed as threatened or endangered on the California Endangered Species Act (CDFG denied a petition to list in 2003). The presence of burrowing owls on private property does not stop development. The best we can get from existing laws is mitigation for habitat destroyed. To get the mitigation citizens need to participate in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process with your local permitting/lead agency, usually your City or County government. BOPS will coach you on CEQA participation. BOPS can advocate with lead agencies for mitigation.

Find out who owns the property. Is it private or public land?  In some regions we have gotten better mitigation (actual land dedicated for burrowing owl reserve) when habitat taken is because the land or project is City or County land or project. You can contact your local City Council or County Board of Supervisors to advocate for burrowing owl mitigation.