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Boy Scouts

Vacaville Burrowing Owls were lucky to catch the attention of Boy Scout Troop 265. Looking for a community service project, the scouts noticed owls struggling in some marginal habitat and decided to do something about it. Early in 2012, with the help of Burrowing Owl Preservation Society, the scouts installed artificial burrows. It wasn’t long till a pair of owls moved in and started a family! These burrows have been occupied and produced young for two years!

On Jan 5, 2014 the Troop returned for burrow maintenance. Burrow dens and tunnel entrances become obstructed and need cleaning so owls can continue to use them. Two of the three burrows were obstructed. The scouts used hand shovels to dig about three feet to the top of the burrow and cleared the debris by hand. Now there is a three burrow complex available for breeding season!

On Jan 8th 2014, an owl was observed at the burrow entrance!  We will be looking for owlets in mid May!